Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Importance Of Well Installed Shower Trays And Enclosures

After a long and tiring day in the office, a relaxing shower is one of the things that one looks forward to. As you drive home, your mind may get pre-occupied with how good the shower will make you feel and in most cases; once you have the shower, your evening becomes much better. To achieve this in your showers, you need to make sure that all that pertains to the enclosure is fitted well to perform in the best way.

This gives you peace of mind and makes showering even more fun. The sub titles below highlight the importance of having well fitted enclosures.

    Reduced water spills

Water should always be contained within the enclosures as you shower and one way of ensuring this happens is to have well fitted shower trays and enclosures. This means that the enclosure will be an inch above the tray and well sealed to make sure that showering water does not spill to the outside.

In addition, the enclosure will need a door and this should be well fitted to keep the water inside. If you are using a shower curtain, then you need to arrange it well, with the bottom of the curtain being within the tray to keep water inside.

    Reduced accidents

It is said that the number of falls that occur in the room where people take their showers is increasing at a fast rate due to the carelessness of installations. To give and example, in the case where one realizes that they have bought a bigger tray that the enclosure; they may insist on having a small part of the enclosure being left exposed on the area near the door. This creates a badly balanced entrance and therefore becomes a hazard.

As one enters the enclosure, they may trip on the badly fitting tray and fall being injured in the process. To reduce these accidents, make extra effort to have the enclosures and trays well fitted.

    Reduced repair costs

Well-fitted bathroom enclosures and trays do not call for a lot of repair and maintenance. This is because they are not prone to damages as they are being used. The movable parts of the enclosures need extra care while being installed, as they are the ones more susceptible to damage. Once they are installed well, they will be in use for a long time without being damaged hence no need of spending cash in repair work.

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