Sunday, November 4, 2012

Basic Maintenance Practice of Shower Cubicles

Where space is limited, cubicles are usually preferred as compared to bathtubs. This is because they demand less space and serve just as well especially when used with good trays. They are available in a range of designs, making them ideal for the person who loves to experiment with decor. In addition, they exist in both transparent and opaque designs giving the level of privacy they need.

The transparent ones come with a curtain for use, which can be drawn to cover you as you clean yourself. For you to enjoy your shower sessions, there are some practices that you need to carry out on the cubicles and these are outlined below.

Regular cleaning

Shower cubicles get dirty over time and you need to clean them if you are to enjoy the shower. One of the things that make it necessary to clean them is to avoid staining. Where the cubicles play a decor role, a stain will ruin the completeness of the decor leading to a badly balanced bathroom.

There are chemicals that are specifically made for use in cleaning and these can be purchased from the stores. For the cleaning practice to be effective, the below are some of the areas that you need to pay special attention to.

The cubicle door

One of the good things about most cubicle doors is that they are made of glass and cleaning glass is very simple. A simple sponge can be used after every shower. For the more complete cleaner, you can use a squeegee as it cleans better than the sponge. Ensure that you do not leave the cubicle door wet after showering as it is this wetness that encourages staining when dust settles. The frequency of the cleaning will be determined by how dusty your area is.

The cubicle tray

Cubicles are used with trays and these need to be scrubbed on a regular basis. This is because all the dirt that comes off your body falls on them and some of it remains behind in the grooves as the water flows. If allowed to accumulate, it sticks on the tray leading to staining and these stains may prove a tough nut to crack as far as cleaning is concerned.

They say that prevention is better than cure and the surest way to prevent staining is to scrub on a regular basis. In addition, keep things that may block the drainage off the tray and this should suffice.

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