Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Advantages Of Having Shower Trays

In the olden days, there was very little that you could do to increase the effectiveness of your showers. As time went by, people learnt to add herbs to their shower water, which led to the development of bath salts among other things. The more people desired a more relaxing shower, the more bathroom improvements became prevalent.

Today, the improvements are of such high magnitude that our ancestors would be shocked at the first glance of the bathroom. One of these improvements has to do with shower trays and the below are the advantages of having them installed in the bathroom.

    They minimise water leakage

Shower trays and enclosures are used together to serve several functions, one of them being to minimise water leakage. As you take the shower, you want the water to remain within the enclosure and not to spill outside and wet the bathroom floor. Trays are installed a few inches below the normal bathroom floor level and this helps in retaining the water inside the enclosure.

In addition, they are installed at a slightly tilted angle to manipulate the direction of water flow. As you shower, the tilt encourages the water to drain towards the draining section of the tray and ultimately outside to the main drainage.

    They come in many shapes and sizes

Shower trays are of many shapes and sizes and the many advantages that this characteristic provides cannot be fully discussed. To begin with, the many sizes help as far selecting the size of the enclosure is concerned. If you have limited space in the bathroom, you can opt for a small tray, as this will help you use the space available. On the other hand, the many shapes allow you to have an enclosure of any shape.

Should you be the kind that loves bathroom decor, you can take advantage of the shape factor, and buy a tray that will serve a decor function.

    They are easy to care for

If you are not smiling by now, then here is a reason to make you smile. Shower trays need very little maintenance once you install them. All you need to do is to clean them on a regular basis, to avoid staining, which may be caused by dirt accumulation. The other maintenance procedure that may be necessary is the inspecting of the drainage channel, as it would be a disaster if it were blocked.

These two are the main things that you will have to do to keep the rays in good condition, hence an advantage.


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